City of Edmonton dog and puppy evening socialization in the off lash park for Hazeldean, Ritchie, Argyle, and surrounding communities

We’re located in the Hazeldean community in south-central Edmonton, Alberta, and we invite people and pups from the surrounding communities to join us.

Generally, the meetup happens every evening during all four seasons. Typically between 8:30ish and 9:30ish PM. For obvious reasons, when it’s raining hard, the humans don’t have a good time. Party time can be short, if it happens at all. In the winter, even in the extreme cold, the pups still want outside time. There are a lot of us who venture out with them, albeit for a shorter duration.
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We tend to meet at the more central location by 95th street. There’s a bench for people who have difficulty standing for a long time. It’s also a good place to keep items we bring a long off the ground. There’s a trash can for disposing of the puppy land mines. In the summer, people endeavour to ensure there’s water for the pup’s to help them cool off. Considering how much running and wrastling they do it’s important. The bench sits on a cement area, which is a great place to put water dishes.
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This outing gives the pups time to socialize. The hoomuns can catch up with what’s happening in the neighbourhood. It is a pleasant 30 minutes to an hour and often longer for some of us. This evening period has worked out well for most people. Supper is over, the snow has been shovelled, the garden work is done, and dishes have been washed. Now it’s time to show the pups some luvin. All of the dogs in the pack are mild-mannered and get along. Their antics provide more than a little bit of hilarity.

Take the evening walk to the next level. Please swing by if you live in the area or are looking for someplace nearby where your pup(s) can socialize. We’re always happy to see new wagging tails.

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