Some of us have been having evening meet-ups since late 2021, and the number of pups and humans has been growing steadily. It’s a diverse group of both humans and pups, which makes for some great conversations that naturally flow around how our pups are fairing. The topics vary from:
► Best foods
► Vetriarians and clinics
► Grooming
► The best places to buy toys and treats
► Which of the local pet stores is running sales
► Where’s the best place to give our pups a bath beside in our bathrooms.
And a lot more.

I wanted to use this site to list some of these resources and expect that the list will grow.

Are you looking for someplace to get your pup groomed that’s local and run by locals? Your best option is to use FaceBook to set up appointments.
Call Mucky Paws at 587-938-0460 or check out: 
A veterinary clinic that includes a holistic approach to keeping your pets healthy. Dr. Charlene Miller comes highly recommended.
While this is not a local company, it is Canadian, located in Vancouver. This pet food supplier has gone above and beyond to provide information on what the best options are for you pets. They have done exhausting tests and evaluations and come up with a list of the best and worst dog foods plus they explain why, more importantly how, they came to their conclusions. The link takes you directly to the dog food evaluation but their site is full of all manner of valuable information.
moonlight pet foods_S
Tangents treats. There are goodies for both pups and humans and their truck has been known to visit the area.

For details on thier good, visit them at