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If like most pet owners you feed only kibble, it would be well worth spending some time reading through this site. While this is not a local company, it is Canadian, located in Vancouver. This pet food supplier has gone above and beyond to provide information on what the best options are for you pets. They have done exhaustive tests and evaluations to come up with a list of the best and worst dog foods, plus they explain why, more importantly how, they came to their conclusions. The link takes you directly to the dog food evaluation but their site is full of all manner of valuable information.

💡 One of our biggest takeaways was the recommendation to at least twice a week soak the kibble. Allowing it to soak in clean water for at least an hour softens it, making it easier for the liver to deal with. This means a healthier pup.

☢️ Naughty ten Pet Food Ingredients and reasons why you should AVOID them.   CLICK HERE  to download the PDF file.

Many people prefer to feed raw at least once a day, so do we. After a fire made it impossible for the supplier we had been using for at least two years we started looking elsewhere and found this company. They offer better pricing and free delivery in the Edmonton area. The meat we have received so far has been of high quality and we will continue to order from them. FYI – their site is not quite finished at this time.

***A little side information. Raw does not imply meat only. A vegetable mix that constitutes about 50% of the meal. On our veterinarian’s suggestion we make up the vegetable portion. We cook carrots, sweet potato, squash (all root veggies and squash are first shredded), quinoa, spinach, romaine, sweet peppers, and various other green leafy vegetables. The root veggies and quinoa get cooked, then the rest get added and mixed till they wilt. This provides a high degree of nutrients that the pups can digest easily. Like anything else, we recommend you talk to your vet before starting on a raw diet, but we strongly urge talking to the vets at the Holistic Vet Clinic, who are far more informed on this matter than others we have used.

If you have been in the area for any amount of time you probably know about Tangents Treat and have met Terry, Ken, and of course Aspen the pup. There are goodies for both pups and humans and their truck has been known to visit the area.
For details on their goods, visit them at https://tangentstreats.com